Store Your Product

EcoMerc Support your existing fulfilment and distribution operations by expanding to our network of warehouses across the states of India.

Our state of the art warehouses will keep your product moving safely and securely.

Stringent receiving

All received items are verified against the quantities reported in your receiving order (ASN). Quantity and quality variances are highlighted, and product (SKU) dimensions and weights are checked electronically.

Enterprise-grade systems

Our warehouses use Enterprise-grade Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) which integrate seamlessly with ecomerc systems. Our systems and processes are highly configurable and flexible.

Process-driven packing

Our warehouse employees follow specific product and merchant packaging rules to meet the highest quality standards.

Efficient shipping

Orders are synchronized to ensure time and cost efficiencies and to align with carrier pickups.

Special handling options

Our warehouses can handle a variety of special projects, including kitting, labeling, light assembly, and quality control.

Safe and secure storage

We continuously measure and audit inbound and outbound inventory to ensure order accuracy and excellent condition. Our warehouses are equipped with physical security, personnel, and more.

Getting your product to one of our warehouses has never been easier

  • Add your product to ecomerc in several ways

    One at a time or in bulk using a spreadsheet. It’s up to you!

  • Send your product to our warehouses

    You send it, or we’ll pick it up. A variety of carrier options make it easy to get product to our locations.

Enable Your Sales

EcoMerc will work seamlessly with your existing order capture systems: automating order submission, realtime shipping rates and inventory status.

An existing connection
A custom connection
A spreadsheet (CSV)
Your online account

Fast Flexible Shipping

We're equipped to ship a variety of products using an extensive list of options.

Processed same day

Orders sent to the warehouse before 5:30AM local will be shipped same day, guaranteed!

Ground & expedited delivery

Our warehouses reach most domestic addresses in 2 days ground shipping and can also expedite delivery.

Flexible across india shipping

We have many domestic shipping options and warehouses within the india's largest trade zones to save in costs and eliminate customs fees

Freight shipping support

We take care of all the complexity involved in managing longer freight movements and customs clearance.

Optimize and automate shipments

Our intelligent optimization technology will save you and your customers costs by making the tough decisions for you.

Address verification

Verifies and fixes addresses to make sure orders are delivered properly, and on time.

Warehouse routing

Routes your order intelligently, considering inventory availability, shipping cost, and cross-border implications.

Backorder management

Tracks orders with sufficient inventory and allocates them to the optimal warehouse when inventory is available.

Carrier selection

Selects the most cost-effective carrier at your desired service level, whether you’re looking for guaranteed or effective delivery times.

Packing for protection

Chooses from a comprehensive array of boxes and envelopes to ensure your product is well-protected during shipping.

Packing for cost reduction

Considers multiple packaging configurations in parallel, and selects the most cost-effective option. For example, the order will be shipped in two smaller cartons if it is more economical than shipping in a single carton.

Rules-based automation

EcoMerc provides a wide set of preferences that allow you to configure your automation just the way you want. For example, you can choose to review all orders above a certain cost value, or decide to use Signature Required Shipping Services.

Manage your operations

Control your order, inventory, and supply chain operations across EcoMerc warehouses and your own with powerful analytics.

With EcoMerc analytics and dashboard, you'll never wonder where your shipments or customers are again. Detailed reports give you a bird's eye view of your shipping operations, so you'll know exactly where you should be storing product.

Manage inventory

Manage inventory across your warehouses more effectively by keeping track of demand.

Respond to increased sales

Respond to increased sales or peak seasons by balancing product where it needs to be at the right time.

Automatically correct

Automatically correct invalid addresses to make sure your customers see the product arrive on time.

Manage domestic orders

Manage orders coming from multiple sales channels, keep track of key statuses, and set up specific rules to choose how to process or hold orders.

Multi-user account access

Multi-user account access lets you give multiple people with different responsibilities access to EcoMerc dashboard.



Expand distribution partnerships

Leapfrog your competitors by forming partnerships with other retailers, allowing them to sell your product to a wider audience.

Intelligent wholesale and lot break options to lower your costs and increase your sales.

Automated lot breaks

Minimize handling costs by having EcoMerc automatically break up master cases into individual items.

Freight shipping options

For orders larger than 1 pallet, we offer freight shipping that includes less-than-full and full-truckload options


Simultaneously ship product to retailers and your customers, or ship out pending backorders as soon as they come in.

Kitting product reconfiguration

We can reconfigure your product into packages upon request, so you can sell kits of products to customers.

Consolidating and staging product

For international orders, hold your product and save costs in our new China warehouse before freight shipping.

Purchase order managemen

Specify different packing and shipping preferences and connectivity for each retailer you're providing product to.

Customize your delivery experience

Our job is to make you look good. We do that through intelligent routing, professional packaging, and now, some delightful extras for your customers.

Shipping confirmation

Email automatically sent out to you and your customer detailing the shipment information. This email can be customized to your liking.

Customize labels

Leave your mark by customizing the sender name and address on each package, be it your company headquarters or return address.

Personalized inserts

Include marketing collateral into any shipment, such as featured or seasonal products, announcements, stickers or promotional CDs or DVDs.

Real-time rates

Provide shipping options and rates to customers at checkout so they can decide the delivery time and cost of shipping.

Tracking numbers

Receive tracking numbers as soon as the warehouse ships your orders.

Edit and cancel orders

Leave control of the orders in the hands of your customers with the ability to edit order details (address & more) or cancel them if they haven't yet been processed.